Jim, from Halifax, has been on service with Sciensus for six years, after being referred by a mesothelioma specialist, shortly after his initial diagnosis.

Jim’s journey with Sciensus started in 2016, when he began receiving two
forms of chemotherapy. After surgery he moved on to immunotherapy, which was administered by Sciensus for two years. Whilst receiving treatment for mesothelioma, he was also diagnosed with kidney cancer.

His targeted therapy is delivered monthly, with nurses visiting to check he’s well enough for treatment: “Each month I have my bloods done, and then I have treatment two days after,” he says.

He also has regular blood tests which highlight any issues that need addressing straightaway.

Speaking about the convenience of having treatment at home, Jim points out the positive impact it can have for family

members. “It’s not just the patient,” he says. “Your family can get on with their lives as well, as they don’t have
to take you to hospital and wait around.

When you’re poorly and having treatment, you’ve got to rely on family members. It can be half a day, or even a full day out, and if you’re having treatment every week, it really is an inconvenience.

“Also, it’s much more tiring when you’re waiting
around and travelling to and from hospitals. When you’re at home having treatment, there’s no waiting, no stress.”

The value of specialist nurses

Jim singles out the nursing care he’s received as one of his biggest positives. “My nurses have always been extremely high quality – professional and compassionate,” he says. “They have a genuine interest in my wellbeing.

“I’ve always had a specialist nurse that goes between myself and my consultant. That’s a wonderful thing. I can ring her any time, and she can pass information on.

“It’s absolutely perfect; the communication is great. I can contact Sciensus any time I need them. There’s always somebody on the other end of the phone.”

He adds: “This service makes a big difference to my life. It means I’ve got the strength and the energy to cope with treatment without going through the stress of travelling and waiting in hospital.”

At Sciensus, we make sure having complex cancer treatment at home is a real choice for thousands of patients every month. So, you can have your treatment and then get on with your life.

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We work with Private Medical Insurance companies, the NHS in some areas, and also offer an option for self-funding treatment. If you would like to know more about our cancer treatment at home service, please speak to your consultant or contact us via the enquiry form or call 0333 207 2205.

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