Privacy Policy

Here at Sciensus Pharma Services Limited (SPSL) we take your privacy seriously. We need to collect and process personal information to deliver services to you, our patients, our partners & suppliers. We promise to keep your data safe and secure and only use it for the purpose(s) it was obtained for.

In all our operations we put you and any connected parties at the heart of our decision making when we process your personal information. We are committed to being transparent with you about our use of your personal information.

At SPSL, we’re proud to be a leading healthcare provider. Working in partnership with the NHS, private providers and pharmaceutical companies, we use unrivalled insights, experience and technology to bring life-changing medicines to over 200,000 diverse patients. Wherever patients are on their healthcare journey, we’re right by their side.

We are a registered data controller operating in the UK, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our registration number is Z6896758. We receive information about you from your referring establishment (e.g. hospital, GP) or Consultant and from yourself with your agreement. We operate as a data controller have policies and procedures in place for data management, sharing, retention and security and all staff and contractors undertake annual data protection and cyber security training. We confirm that we are compliant with NHS Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT).

Where we do need to share your information e.g. with our pharmaceutical customers (i.e. companies who supply the medicine) we make sure we have data sharing agreements in place and only share information necessary for providing the service.

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