Sciensus patient praises “caring” nurses

Hilary, from County Antrim, has been receiving treatment for breast cancer from Sciensus for the past eight years. She spoke about the difference having treatment administered at home has made to her quality of life.

As a long-term Sciensus patient, Hilary has seen a number of Sciensus nurses during the course of her treatment. Some have been visiting her since she was first referred for treatment at home.  She said:

“When the Sciensus nurses are here, they’re so helpful. They’re really caring; they’ll keep checking on me and asking how I’m feeling. They’re just great. As some of them have been visiting me for so long, they ask about all the things happening in my life – they take an interest in you as a person, not just a patient.”

Hilary was referred to Sciensus after being diagnosed with breast cancer that metastasised to her liver. After initially receiving weekly chemotherapy and Herceptin treatments at hospital, she was recommended for treatment at home by her consultant.

Hilary said: “It was getting very stressful to keep going into hospital. From Sunday onwards I would be feeling stressed about my Wednesday appointment. My husband has dementia, so it was a struggle trying to organise things around that.

“It’s so much more comfortable and convenient to be at home. I don’t have the issue of travelling to and from the hospital, which in winter can be difficult – especially if it snows. Receiving treatment at home has changed my life completely.”

Hilary now has appointments every three weeks for a Herceptin injection, and the Sciensus nurse, who has received specialist accredited training and can spot and safely deal with potential issues, stays with her for two hours to monitor her and check there is no reaction.

Hilary said: “Rain, hail or snow, the nurses arrive at my door with a smile on their face. They deserve medals – I do admire the job they do. We have a great chat and a laugh too; it feels like a friend coming for a coffee.

“I must say a special thank you to Edel, who was the first nurse from Sciensus to treat me at home and who still comes to administer my treatment now. It was her friendly kindness and caring attitude that confirmed my decision to have home treatment and I have never regretted it.”

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