Diligent and patient-centred

I have no hesitation in recommending Sciensus and find them to be very diligent and patient-centred.

Treatment at home provides great flexibility when doing remote clinics as you know patients don’t have to be confined to a geographical area.

My overwhelming experience of working with Sciensus has been really positive and I’m very happy working with them.

I first used the service for a patient who had moved out of area but wanted me to continue to be her oncologist when her cancer returned so was travelling from Plymouth to Swindon which wasn’t ideal at all. We were both really pleased with the experience and more recently I’ve recommended it as an option to patients to stay out of the hospital and
they’ve been delighted with the process.

Sciensus seem very diligent and patient-centred while the nurses are lovely and seem to really enjoy their work which is wonderful. Most patients want to be in their home because they get very anxious about travelling and the time it takes to get to a hospital which, on top of a cancer diagnosis, can raise anxiety.

Knowing when the nurse will come to do blood tests and treatment helps manage their expectations and is reassuring.
Now I’m doing remote clinics patients can be anywhere so treatment at home provides great flexibility as you know patients don’t have to be confined to a geographical area.

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