The nurses are like family

Trusted, professional relationships are the hallmark of Sciensus’ chemotherapy services, according to Dr Gleb Ivanov, a consultant haematologist based in Surrey.

On one occasion, a patient had injured himself and was becoming septic from an infected wound when the nurse visited for a blood test. She saw that the patient was unwell, called an ambulance, and had him admitted straightaway. The  patient was transferred from Accident and Emergency directly to Intensive Care Unit and survived. The nurse saved his life.

They get the full attention of the nurse and have the time to talk about chemotherapy-related issues and more. Often, the patient will volunteer concerns they do not mention when they see me in clinic, and the nurses feed this back to me. Knowing my patients have this kind of trusted relationship with the highly professional, highly experienced Sciensus team gives me peace of mind.

Because the treatment is carried out in the comfort of people’s own homes by nurses drawn from the same small pool of staff, they develop trusted relationships. Many patients say the nurses are part of the family.

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