It’s easier for patients to get on with their lives

Working with Sciensus allows me to manage my private practice nicely and safely while knowing patients are receiving an effective and friendly service. I can get a patient’s bloods done and their vitals assessed and make decisions on continuing therapy which helps me manage their cancer better.

Treatment at home saves patients the hassle of attending hospital and patients love it especially the idea that the schedule is designed to fit around their lives. Nurses will come and administer drugs at a convenient time, and patients know the nurses can contact me easily which is reassuring.

As well as allowing patients to live their lives more normally than if they were frequently attending hospital it brings an extra human element to their care because they see the same nurses so build up a relationship which helps with the cancer journey.

I’ve been working with Sciensus for around ten years now and we’ve built up a team relationship which is great. I’d most definitely recommend my colleagues to use Sciensus. It allows patients’ lives to continue less affected by the cancer and I’d love this type of model to be available for all.

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