Sciensus nurses praised by mesothelioma patient

Bob McBratney, from North Yorkshire, has been on service for mesothelioma with Sciensus since September 2020. He received immunotherapy for three months before switching onto chemotherapy, and is full of praise for the nurses that deliver his care.

Bob currently has chemotherapy every three weeks, and says that having his treatment delivered at home “certainly makes life a lot easier”.

“Having treatment at home is ideal,” he says. “It’s been great during lockdown. Because I’ve been shielding, I haven’t really wanted to go anywhere. So, it really has worked very well.”

Flexible, communicative care

He adds: “Communication is really good. They’re very good at keeping informed on what’s happening and when, and they’ve been flexible with me, so that my nurse visits are scheduled for a convenient time.

“The nurses do a great job. All of them that I’ve met have been very personable, and easy to get on with.

“I receive a text with a two-hour window when the nurse is coming, and I also get a follow-up call to confirm. It’s never been outside of that window.”

Bob adds: “I think it’s a very valuable service. I’ve got to know the nurses. It’s a very comfortable way of doing it.

“One thing I’ve found particularly useful is their emergency line. They have a number that I can ring 24/7 if there are any problems. I’ve used that a couple of times, and they’ve been very helpful and very reassuring.”

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