Highly recommended cancer treatment

Helen Goodchild, from Norfolk, received treatment at home for breast cancer from Sciensus for 6 months. Helen spoke to us about her experience of treatment with Sciensus.

Helen started her chemotherapy in early July 2021 and has now finished treatment. A nurse would take her bloods at home on a Monday or Tuesday, then return to administer chemotherapy on a Thursday. Ten days later a nurse would call or visit to check she was OK before the next treatment cycle began.

Helen said: “Having seen a few friends go through similar treatments, I was aware of the possible side effects. The thought of this was quite scary. I also didn’t want to be another poorly patient sat in hospital; I wanted a more individual treatment for myself. I’d had two lots of surgery before I started chemotherapy and had seen enough of the hospital. We were still in the pandemic and I felt so much safer being at home.”

Helen described the experience of receiving treatment at home as ‘lovely’. She would receive treatments in her conservatory and as her husband was working at home, he was able to supply food and drinks on demand. Helen said: “I felt more relaxed and safe.”

Helen said: “She was completely professional, switching into nurse mode when she needed to and then chatting to me during the procedure. I felt totally and utterly safe with her. She also spoke to both my husband and younger daughter and made sure they were aware of what to do in the event I was unwell or they were worried about me.

“The whole experience of my treatment was made so much easier to cope with thanks to the wonderful nurses who looked after me. We laughed (I sometimes cried) and we made the best of every visit. I couldn’t have asked for a better procedure. In the best sense of the word, I would highly recommend it!”

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